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Our Sweet Cedar Balm is our daily choice for keeping your beard moisturized and under control.  This premium balm will keep your beard soft, healthy, conditioned, and protected from the elements all day, everyday.


Essential cedar wood oils were blended together to create the perfect scent for everyday use that is clean, crisp, and fresh.  Our Sweet Cedar Beard Balm will keep you and your beard looking and smelling great!

Protect your beard and skin from the elements

Our all-natural beard balm ingredients are rich in vitamins renowned for improving the elasticity and moisture content of your skin.  The balm penetrates and moisturizes your beard's hair follicles helping it to grow faster, stronger, and more thick.  Our balm also contains a small amount of natural occurring UV sunscreen.

Made only from the finest 100% natural ingredients

We included only the finest African Shea Butter, all-natural Beeswax, and Coconut Oils we could find.  We also included exotic oils made from the nuts of the South American Babassu Palm, Moroccan Argan tree, and the Jojoba plant found in the Sonoran Desert.


  • Apply twice daily in the morning and evening.
  • Can be applied to a completely dry or damp, towel dried beard.
  • Apply lightly for light control or generously for deep conditioning and help with shaping - find out what works best for you and your beard.
  • Scrape out some balm with your thumbnail.
  • Rub the balm in your palms to soften it.
  • Work the balm throughout your beard.
  • Apply more if needed.


  • For optimum performance, keep our premium beard balm in a cool, dry area

Product specifications

  • Net WT: 2 oz. / 60g 
  • Packaging:  (1) 2" screw-top tin

 *Our premium beard balms will melt at high temperatures.  When our products arrive at your door, they may be slightly grainy due to variations in temperatures endured while being shipped to you.  Variations in texture are absolutely normal, and the product will smooth after it is warmed in your hands before you apply it to your beard.

*Do small skin test before using the product fully.  Some individuals might react to allergens in our all-natural products.

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